Floral Lady Bath Salt

Floral Lady Bath Salt

Organic Aromatherapy Bath Salt with lavender, palmarosa and orange essential oils


Palmarosa essential oil and the damask rose petals in this organic product help to awaken our sleeping femininity and stimulate our senses.


Usage: Before bathing, put 3-4 spoons of salt in a warm bath to keep the beneficial effects of the essential oil.

(The content of the jar is sufficient for about 9 to 10 aromatherapy baths.)


Main ingredients: Himalayan salt, lavender essential oil*, orange essential oil*, palmarose oil*, Damascus rose flower*.

 *certified ecological farm.


Storage: Store in a dry, cool, sun-protected place. 

Avoid eye contact. 

Packaging: 500 g


Certified by: Biokontroll Hu-Öko-01

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