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Gift package with lavender doll

Gift package with lavender doll

Handcrafted lavender doll and Floral Lady synergy blend (5 ml) wrapped as a gift package.

  • The lavender doll filled with the flower of organic lavender is a nice, special gift for all since every doll is a little bit different.

    The lavender doll is filled with the flower of the organic lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia).

    Handcrafted product.

    It spreads its smell into the room while keeping away insects from the area.

    You can refresh its effect by occasionally putting a few drops of the essential oil on th doll.

    Thanks to its purity, it does not leave any stain on the textile.

    Content: lavender doll + Levendárium Floral Lady synergy blend (5ml bottle)

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